Need help? We’ve got you covered!

Customer Support

Have you forgotten your Wi-Fi or email password? Do you need to set up parental controls on your cable tv? Maybe you just can’t get out to pay your bill this month?

There’s no reason to fret, because you can get all the help you need with a few clicks.

Visit the Support section of our website to learn how to handle any questions you encounter with HTC services and equipment.

You can learn how to change your Wi-Fi password, dim the display on your Digital Cable box, pay your bill, sign up for TV Everywhere and much, much more.

Unlock features you may not know existed with a quick trip to HTC Support.

4 thoughts on “Need help? We’ve got you covered!

    1. Mr. Oshea, I’m just checking to see if you received the newsletter this month. Your email has been entered into the database.

  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know the clerk who took my last check through the drive through on 9 had the wrong amount. I’m deservedly was receiving a loyalty credit after 11 years of my business.
    You need to rectify and let go of incompetence by employees, most of them selfie generation.

    Renée J Tamburini

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I understand a supervisor contacted you and you won’t have to be disappointed in our service again.

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