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Network Security

Did you know that hacked websites increased by more than 32% in 2016? That information, released by Google underlies the need to have the most secure, protected network possible.

At HTC, we have the latest in network protection and a staff ready to monitor your network 24/7 for potential threats. We partner with some of the top names in network security, including SonicWall.

Managed Network and Firewall

Is the security of your business at risk? What websites are your employees visiting during work hours? Are their online activities causing drains on your bandwidth or exposing your network to threats?

Our Managed Firewall service will answer those questions and more!

  • Ideal for small and medium sized businesses
  • Keeps your network safe from new and evolving threats
  • Automated weekly reports track your Internet activity and monitor the productivity of your employees
  • Complete installation, management, maintenance and support
  • Optional 802.11ac wireless capability
  • FREE installation!

Data Backup & Recovery

Outsourcing data backup with HTC IT Services is more efficient, worry free and cost-effective. Beyond saving data, consider the time, money and effort saved by outsourcing with HTC.

  •  Improved LAN/WAN performance
  •  Less need for on-site backup servers and tape drive
  • Extend the life of your on-site server and storage system
  • Reduced maintenance and support cost
  • Administrative savings through centralized resource management
  • Reduced floor space requirements for computer backup equipment
  • Service options are flexible and range from local storage of your backups for quicker recovery to fully off-site backup storage accessed through your Internet connection

Consider the peace of mind advantages:

  • Improved protection of and access to critical data
  • Consolidation and centralized management
  • Improved disaster recovery capabilities
  • Enhanced security via AES 256 bit encryption (Data is encrypted on-site, so it travels and is stored as encrypted data)
  • Meets HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements