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Deadline approaches in HTC, AMC contract negotiations

We want to acknowledge the ongoing support of you, our members, as we join other cable companies from across the country in trying to negotiate a contract with AMC to continue broadcasting of AMC Networks, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, WE TV, IFC Films and more. 

AMC is seeking a more than 16% increase in its current rate, which we – and others – believe is unfair to our members. HTC will continue to negotiate through the National Cable Television Cooperative in hopes of keeping all the AMC networks on the air.

“HTC and the NCTC are committed to signing agreements for the programming our members want at fair monthly fees and to avoid a situation where corporate broadcasters temporarily remove popular programs,” said HTC Marketing Supervisor, Sandy Hendrick.  “We negotiate in good faith, but when these large corporate media groups, like AMC Networks, ask for increases that are ten times the rate of inflation without justification, it makes the process more difficult.”

For more information about the AMC negotiations and how these network rate increases affect your cable bill, visit



What is NCTC?

Smaller cable operators pay a higher programming fee than larger ones. There’s no justification for this because the cost to them of having their signal carried by a large system or a small one is identical.

The NCTC is a group of more than 700 independent cable companies that have banded together to have the power of acting as one large group, which allows us to get better pricing and terms in our agreements.

This is extremely helpful when mega-media companies like FOX try to use their huge size to pressure small operators like us to agree to their outrageous fees, which then increase your monthly bill.


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