October is National Co-op Month

HTC is celebrating National Cooperative Month this October. More than 30,000 cooperatives operate in America, each offering unique benefits to employees, members and their communities.

As a cooperative, HTC prioritizes partnering with non-profit organizations like Help4Kids and Backpack Buddies and Kingston Lake Education and Business Center to offer support in providing food and necessary materials for their participants. It’s also important for HTC to support local businesses, especially during the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. By buying from small businesses like A&A Produce and Carolina Food Service, your Cooperative is helping support our local economy.

HTC members also benefit from being a part of the cooperative. Capital Credits, competitively priced services, voting rights, and a strong community involvement are all advantages of being an HTC member.

Cooperatives are built by the community members and use the platform to give back to those same communities. Amidst the global crisis that has impacted many of our local neighborhoods, HTC launched its Helping the Community initiative, creating unique ways to celebrate the kindness of neighbors, friends and strangers. Learn more about our Helping the Community program.

Despite the many challenges we have faced in 2020, HTC celebrates Cooperative Month knowing we are all stronger together.

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