Prevent False Security Alarms with These Tips!

computer keyboard buttons False Alarm

In 2011, Horry County Government implemented a False Alarm ordinance that states a monitored residence or business will be allowed up to two false alarm responses within a year. The 12-month period utilized by the County to determine violations begins on the date of the first false alarm.  Third and subsequent false alarms within this specified time period may each result in a $200 fee. To ensure you don’t face this issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Know your system. Make sure everyone knows how to arm, disarm and cancel an alarm.
  2. Know your password. Make sure everyone knows your password in the event of a false alarm.
  3. Keep your emergency contact list current. Call 843-369-7803 to update your emergency contact information. HTC recommends you have a minimum of two contacts on your list in case of an alarm.

To see additional steps to take with your HTC Security system, visit

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