HTC Home Wi-Fi Tips for Best Performance

Speed limitHTC Home Wi-Fi provides easy access to HTC High-Speed Internet using multiple types of devices.

Many factors can affect the Wi-Fi speed and signal coverage of your internet connection associated with your wireless home network.

These include, but are not limited to: the age and number of devices, the types of internet activities, the location of the modem/router, the type of home construction materials used, along with the tier of subscribed bandwidth internet service.

Here are some tips that may help optimize your experience with your Home Wi-Fi.


WiFi interference

Wi-Fi Position


Your HTC Home Wi-Fi router/modem should be positioned as close to the middle of your home as possible. Walls, mirrors, and metal furniture can obstruct the wireless home networking signal reducing the performance. Studies have shown that wireless home networking signals travel best downward and laterally, like a cone. For best results, your router/modem should not be placed on the floor, in a closet/cabinet, and should not be obstructed by furniture.

Wi-Fi Interference


The modem/router should be as free of interference from other wireless equipment in your home as possible. Wireless surround sound systems, phone systems, security cameras, baby monitors, game consoles, and even microwave ovens, can cause poor performance of your wireless home network. Often changing the location of the base units for these wireless systems and/or turning those systems off can improve performance of your wireless home network for internet access.

Signal interference from neighbors may also impact the performance of your wireless home network if devices they use in their home are on the same frequency. Wi-Fi networks in apartments, condos and town-homes often experience channel congestion. If you have questions about this, HTC Technical Support can help you identify if there is congestion, assist and suggest changes for better performance.

Wi-Fi Devices


The age and model of devices can affect the performance of your wireless home network. Older devices use a different wireless standard and can slow down all other device connections to the internet. Check the standard of the devices using wireless connection; if any are 802.11b or 802.11g, they will slow down and decrease the signal coverage for all your 802.11n and 802.11ac devices. Gaming consoles often perform best if they are “hard wired” to your internet connection. Some wireless routers provide dual frequency signals which may help in the performance and coverage of your wireless home network.

As the number of devices using the home networking signal increase, including smartphones, tablets, wireless cameras, etc., a strain is put on your wireless network. Upgrading to the next level of bandwidth and using a router that allows for both the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies may provide faster internet connections for the household and greater wireless home networking signal strength.

The success of your HTC Home Wi-Fi is dependent upon you making sound decisions with the technician for proper placement of the wireless router/modem within your home. If you make decisions against the recommendations of the technicians there may be subsequent charges should HTC have to return to your home because of wireless performance.

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