Home Security and Automation Accessories

contact usHTC offers a wide array of home security accessories to give you added peace of mind and the ability to control your entire home from your mobile device.

Are you one of those who have trouble remembering to do things sometimes? HTC Connected Home systems allow for GeoFencing, which can automate things like door locks, lights, and more when you reach a certain distance from your home.

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Door locks

Door locks

Automatically lock or unlock the door when the system is armed. Get a text alert when the door is unlocked. Assign unique user codes for temporary access. Inquire on how your HTC Z-Wave Door Lock can be become your secondary security keypad.

lamp module

Lighting, appliances and more

With the plug-in module, you can control your lights, Crockpot, curling irons – anything that plugs in. Set schedules for lights to come on when you’re on vacation or turn on and off when you open the door. 



garage door

Garage doors

Manage your garage doors automatically or on-demand directly from your desktop or mobile device. Receive an alert if you left the door open. Close the door automatically when your system is armed.



Adjust or change your thermostat settings from anywhere and instantly know if someone else makes a change. Your system can optimize your home climate using all available sensor data, external weather conditions, and even your location.

motion sensor

Motion sensors

Technology has allowed the creation of a new type of infrared motion sensor which, in addition to detecting a human intruder, is sophisticated enough to allow small pets to traverse a monitored area freely without triggering the alarm.

Door and window sensors

Door and window sensors

Door and window Sensors trigger the alarm if a secured door or window is opened while the system is armed.

Keyless entry

Keyless entry system

Add a wireless key fob to your security system. A hot item that fits right on your keychain and can be used as an emergency button. Not compatible with all systems.

Glass break detector

Glass break detector

Designed for use where a large expanse of glass, such as a picture window, may be broken to provide an easy entrance into your home without ever opening a door or window. Audio Glass Break Detectors recognize the frequency and digital sound pattern of breaking glass.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detector

These System Smoke Detectors are connected to your security system just like any other device, but instead of signaling a break-in, they alert the monitoring personnel to a potential fire.  Works whether you are home or away.

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detector

Placed in sleeping areas and other locations where this deadly gas may accumulate, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, like smoke detectors, can save your life when you are most vulnerable at night.

Security camera

Security cameras

You can check up on your nanny or employees or monitor outside your home, make sure nothing suspect happens at your home while you’re away, monitor the children from another part of the house, or even monitor your office parking lot when you leave after dark.

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