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Resolve to Stay Safe Online in 2022!

HTC invites you to make a resolution worth keeping in 2022. It’s time to make your privacy and security of your online information a priority. From online banking login information to streaming service passwords, online scammers are on a never-ending hunt for unprotected online users.

Whether you’re a small-business owner, entrepreneur, or a casual online shopper and web surfer, you need to protect your intangible online properties. A study by online security company McAfee reveals the average American has over $55,000 in digital assets. Use the list below to consider the websites and platforms you use via the internet:

  • Email
  • Online banking
  • Online shopping
  • Restaurant delivery services
  • Social media
  • Streaming service (i.e.: Netflix, Hulu, HTC TV MAX, etc.)
  • Subscription services (i.e.: music, fitness, or education apps)

Unlike your physical possessions, digital resources are intangible and difficult to protect without taking the proper security measures. The personal information stored on these websites, in the cloud, or on your device is incredibly valuable to online thieves. With access to your sensitive information, online scammers can sell your information, damage your credit, reputation, or business long before you’re even aware your information has been stolen.

This year, resolve to protect your information, money, and personal data from online hackers. The good news is residential HTC Internet members receive free online protection powered by Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security software. The security suite provides the most comprehensive, intuitive protection for your personal data so you can shop, bank or browse with confidence. Internet members can download the antivirus software on up to three devices by logging into the My Account app or website. Step-by-step directions can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Resolve to Stay Safe Online in 2022!

    1. The Trend Micro anti-virus is for PCs or MACs, not tablets. You can try to download, but since Kindle operates on it’s own hybrid system you may not be able to successfully download and run the program.

  1. When I tried to download your internet protection, it told me I would have to delete Webroot (which I bought with my computer from Best Buy). Will your protection program be better than this? Or do you know. Thanks!

    1. If you need to renew your subscription with Webroot you may want to consider switching to the Trend Micro protection offered through HTC. At no additional cost to you, this is just one of the many benefits of being an HTC member. “Better” is subjective, since all anti-virus programs have different features, You should do your research to determine which works best for you.

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