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Secure your home ahead of summer travel

The all-new HTC security self-install kit is now available. Whether your family is planning a cross-country adventure or you’re opting for a nearby adventure, protecting your home while you’re away should be top of mind.

With the new self-install security kit, you get top technology with the Qolsys IQ2 panel. Use the panel to protect your home with a motion sensor and three door/window sensors included in the kit. Plus, the three window clings and expandable yard sign can be displayed to warn potential thieves that your home is professionally protected.

The security kit uses both Wi-Fi and cellular signal so that if one type of communication is down there is a backup. HTC High-Speed Internet service helps the panel perform software updates.

Plus, this self-install kit comes with a few unexpected benefits:

  • The security panel has a simple, color coded display for easy arming and disarming.
  • The security panel can also double as a digital photo frame when you insert an SD card with photos.
  • The security panel also has a full library of help videos built-in.
  • It may be possible to save money on your homeowner’s insurance.
  • The Alarm.com App and the Qolsys Security Panel are constantly being updated and new features are added frequently. This system will be current, modern, and supported for years to come.

Skip the delay of scheduling an installation date and get the HTC security self-install kit now for your home.

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