We dodged a bullet, but stay prepared

Most of Horry County got off light when Hurricane Dorian passed early in September, although some of our neighbors to the north of the county did not.

It’s important to stay prepared. Remember, we are in the peak of hurricane season, which doesn’t end until Nov. 30.

Use lessons learned in prior storms to always be prepared in case of another severe weather event.

Follow these tips:

  • Have a family communication plan in place, with one person as the central contact.
  • Keep phone lines open whenever possible. Too many callers jam the lines.
  • Purchase battery backups for VoIP equipment in case the power goes out, and consider getting a traditional landline phone.
  • Keep wireless batteries charged and an alternate plan to recharge them.
  • Try text messaging instead of calling.
  • Should you have to evacuate, use call forwarding.

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