Stand with HTC

Sound off buttonHTC will always negotiate cable deals with the interests of its members in mind. WBTW – through its corporate owner Nexstar – requested retransmission fees of more than 100 percent.

HTC has voiced a strong opposition to this increase to Nexstar, as such an unwarranted increase would result in higher fees to its members. Learn more HERE.

Unfortunately, a deal could not be reached before the June 30 deadline, so HTC had no option but to discontinue broadcasting WBTW and MyNetworkTV. We want our membership to know that HTC will continue to try and negotiate a deal with Nexstar.

In the meantime, subscribers in Georgetown County can view CBS programming on channel 17 or HD channel 817. All other subscribers can view CBS programming on Channel 19 or HD Channel 819 (Members who do not have a set top box may need to re-scan their television sets to see channels 19 and 819.)  

Please take a moment and comment below on which is more important to you: putting WBTW back on the air or a reasonable cable bill.