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Why am I unable to control my audio?

Using the HTC issued remote control, press the TV button and then the Power button. 

  • If the TV powers off, this ensures the remote is programmed for your TV. Please click here, select your remote and refer to the section entitled “To lock the volume function to the TV.”  
  • If the TV does not power off, please click here, select your remote and walk through the steps to program the remote for your TV.
Why do I not have any audio?
  • If the volume up button on the HTC issued remote control does not provide audio, try the volume up button on the factory TV remote or the volume up button on the TV
  • Using the HTC issued remote, please follow the instructions below:
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select the Home icon
  • Scroll down and select the Setup option
  • Scroll down and select the Audio option
  • Scroll down to the Optimal Stereo: Select to optimize
  • If you still have not audio, power cycle the cable box
  • If the cable box is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, unplug/re-plug the HDMI cable at the cable box and at the TV
  • Power cycle the TV
Why does my remote control not control the volume or power the TV on/off, but will change channels?

Please click here, select your remote and walk through the steps to program the remote for your TV. 

How do I turn on Closed Captions?

For all but Entone boxes: The closed captions option is part of the User Settings menu.

  • To get to the User Settings menu you need to press 3 buttons on your remote once each in this order – Cable (CBL) / Power / Menu.
    • It should go to the User Settings screen. If it goes to a black screen keep pressing and releasing the Menu button until you see User Settings.
  • Once you are on the User Settings screen use the down arrow on the remote control to move down to Closed Captions.
  • When the arrow on the screen is pointing at Closed Captions press the right arrow on the remote and you will see Disabled change to Enabled.
  • When you see Enabled press your power button twice to return to live TV. Your Closed Captions are now turned on.
    • Follow the same instructions to disable the Closed Captions. You will change Enabled to Disabled in User Settings.

For Entone boxes:

To toggle Closed Captioning on and off on your Entone cable box, press the CC button on your HTC-issued remote.

The CC button is located in the bottom most right-hand side of the remote. Please be sure to enable Digital CC1. Simply press the CC button once again on the remote to turn off Closed Captions.