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How do I watch TV Everywhere?

To launch your TV Everywhere Access, you will log into your My Account and go through Steps 1-4 as indicated in the TV Everywhere Account Setup Guide.  You will now see the account link you created:

Depending on your subscription, you will see one or multiple options.  Click on the TV icon.

You’ll come to the TV Everywhere Guide page, with the scrolling list of channels, accessible with your TV Everywhere account.  Click on the desired Channel icon, which will take you to the channel’s splash screen.

Search the list of TV providers search and select HTC Digital Cable or HTC Digital Cable-SC.  As long as you’re signed in to TV Everywhere, you should easily be able to navigate one of the linked pages and begin watching immediately. 

You can use these links to stream channels through the Amazon Fire Stick, Roku or other streaming applications.  You may be asked on occasion to relink the account – just enter the credentials as requested and your streaming experience will continue.

You can also go directly to the TV Everywhere page.

Click on the streaming channel of your choosing and this page will pop up. 

Enter your TV Everywhere credentials and your viewing experience will begin.

REMEMBER, these are not the same credentials you use to log into My Account.

*You will need to be subscribed to the package that carries the channel to connect with TV Everywhere.

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