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Amulet user guide

Why does my television have a snowy picture, blue screen, or say “no signal”, “unusable signal” or “channel not available?

First, ensure the cable box is powered on by verifying that the power light is illuminated.

In some cases, your standard digital cable box may have been installed using AV type cables (red, yellow, & white) instead of coax cables. In this case, your TV would need to be set to video/AV input.

For High Definition installations, your TV will need to be set to the correct video input, Component or HDMI.

All of the above steps can be accomplished by pressing the source, video, or input button on your factory TV remote – NOT THE CABLE BOX REMOTE. If unsure of which input/source is being used, select each input and allow at least 5 seconds before trying the next. This gives the TV time to recognize the cable signal.

Why will my Set-top box not power on?

Using the HTC issued remote control, press the STB button and then the Master Power button.  You should see a blue power light illuminate on the front of the cable box.

  • If the cable box does not respond to the remote, try pressing the power button on the front of the cable box. 
  • If the cable box does not respond to the power button on the front of the box, power cycle the cable box and try another power outlet.


If the blue power light does illuminate by pressing the power button on the front of the cable box, the remote control may need new batteries or may need to be re-programmed. (Click here for remote control programming instructions)

Why do I have no picture or my picture looks pixelated?

One possible cause for tiling or pixelating is a weak signal. 

Reflecting over the past few days: 

Have you moved your cable set-top box to another location in your home?

  • If you have, please re-locate the cable set-top to its original location.


Have you changed your connections at all (i.e. added audio equipment, gaming system, DVD player, etc.)?

  • If you have, please check to be sure all connections are in place and tight.


Have you had any work done outside your home that might have damaged your cable lines?

  • If you have, please make sure that your outside cable facilities are not damaged from the work that has been done.


After checking all of the above, see below for a few additional steps to take to correct the tiling or pixelating:

  • Check and tighten ALL coaxial connections & Ethernet connections (at the wall plate, at the back of the cable set-top, the modem or any other HTC issued equipment).
  • Make sure all HTC issued equipment is plugged in and has power.
  • Power cycle ALL HTC issued equipment.
Why is my guide not displaying all of my channels or I am missing channels that I am paying for?

Can I dim or turn the display completely off?

Yes, you can set your LED display to a dimmer/brighter setting or select to turn it off completely.  You can also set it to change at a certain time and then return to its normal setting at a certain time.

How do I turn on closed captioning?

To toggle Closed Captioning on and off on your Entone cable box, press the CC button on your HTC-issued remote.

The CC button is located in the bottom most right-hand side of the remote. Please be sure to enable Digital CC1.

Simply press the CC button once again on the remote to turn off Closed Captions.