How is it possible for me to receive a phone call from my own telephone number?

The scenarios listed above are examples of what is called “phone spoofing”, “caller ID spoofing” or “neighbor spoofing”. This practice is very common with scammers and robocallers attempting to get the recipient to answer the phone. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a way to stop this from happening.

For more information you can read an article from the Better Business Bureau here.

I am getting calls from people who say that my phone number just called them when I didn’t. What could cause this to happen?

There are many different Caller ID databases used across the country that usually do not update their information at the same time or as often as others might.

Telephone companies do not always use the same database so the person you are calling may not have updated information due to the database being used by their carrier not being completely up to date.

It could possibly take several weeks for updates to be completed. We do not have a way to expedite this process at this time.