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How do I access the ‘Replay’ feature included in TV MAX?

You can access the ‘Replay’ function from your guide by arrowing left on your remote. If your desired network allows, you can look back up to 72 hours and view programs you may have missed.

If the ‘Replay’ function is NOT available on a network that you choose, please understand it is a contractual decision by the network and not an issue with your TV MAX.

What is the ‘Start Over’ feature included in TV MAX?

With TV MAX, you also have the ability to view your program from the beginning (if the network allows) when tuning in. When you’re finally able to settle in to view your favorite show, but the program has already started, the ‘Start Over’ feature can help. Once on the program, press the enter button on your remote and you will have the option to pause or restart your program. Many programs will also give you this option immediately as you tune in.