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What do I press to wake up my panel?

The panel will go in to conservation mode to conserve energy. To wake the panel, simply wave your hand in close proximity to the keypad.

How do I arm my alarm system?

Away mode:

  • Enter 4-digit passcode and exit the premises.

Stay mode:

  • Enter 4-digit passcode and do not leave the premises.
How do I disarm or silence an active alarm?

Wave hand over panel to wake keypad.

  • Enter your 4-digit passcode

How do I edit the volume, chimes, voice settings, etc., for my alarm?

Using the Mobile App:

  • Select the Menu button
  • Now choose Security System
  • Select the Gear Icon in the upper right
  • Now choose Sound Settings
  • Now choose the Sound Options you prefer

Managing your smart home has never been easier! Below is a helpful video with how-to instructions on managing your System Volume and Chime Settings from the Mobile App.