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Although it looks different this year, the school year has started for children in our area. Many students are learning from home, and today we want to provide a resource that’s great for families with small children.

We know that early readers become better with the practice of sight words, vocabulary, and phonics. The Bitsboard app allows your children to practice these skills in a fun engaging way while they’re at home. It also allows you to track their progress.

Download the Bitsboard app from the App Store to begin. When you open the app, a home screen with many boards to choose from will appear.

You will see many levels of activities ranging from preschool to grade 12.

Choose a board that you believe would most benefit your child, such as ABC phonics. Click on the board to download it to your “My Boards” listings. From there, you can access the board to see if the activities would be beneficial for your child.

Many of the boards have different activities suitable for the targeted age group.

For example, the beginning level sight words board is ideal for a preschool student to listen to the words, trace the words to practice writing the letters, and play mindful games, like bingo and word builders.

You can track their practice by clicking on the “person” at the top of the screen. There, you can switch users if you have more than one child playing on the app, change the settings, and view the stats of their practice.

Many of the boards are free to access, but some of the boards may be accessible only through a subscription.

Children are spending more time at home and on devices. Bitsboard is one of the many ways to make sure they’re using that time wisely, and gives them great educational resources to play with during some of their screen time.

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