Tips And Tricks For Becoming A Master Of Today’s Technology

For the many ways you want to stay informed, there’s a popular streaming news outlet called Haystack. Haystack provides free news from over 300 local and global channels, and offers a variety of coverage all in one place.

The ease and efficiency of this streaming news outlet makes it a great addition to the Tech Tuesday collection of digital platforms that simplify and improve your life. Your first step is to download the app to your streaming device.

From your home screen, search for Haystack news and download it to your Amazon FireTV Stick or other device.

Once you’ve downloaded the app click “get started.”

You’ll begin by selecting the news that most interests you, such as weather, current events, entertainment, late night shows, and more.

From there, you will select outlets with which you are most familiar.

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to choose topics that interest you.

Once you’ve created a personalized account, your news sources will play throughout the day. To alter the story you’re watching, scroll through current stories and sources across the top.

To search through your headlines, scroll down the left hand side of your screen. There you can choose anything from local and entertainment to politics and business.

Whether you’re using traditional cable, or have switched to a streaming service like HTC TV MAX, Haystack news is a great outlet to try.

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