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The Unsung Benefits of Streaming Video

Live streaming video is one of the most high-quality ways to view your favorite content. From local news to major sporting events, streaming services offer a robust menu of informative and entertaining programs. An estimated 62% of Americans are subscribed to at least one streaming service, which falls in line with HTC members who also depend on streaming video.

In a recent HTC poll of 2,047 participants, 62% of members said they currently subscribe to a streaming service, with the majority (77%) claiming Netflix as their go-to streaming source. Of those who reported having no streaming service, more than half said it was only because they aren’t sure how to subscribe to a particular service.

The great news is, streaming your favorite programs is easy! For many, the simplest mode of streaming is via a purchased device, like an Amazon FireTV Stick. With a quick 3-minute setup, you can view your favorite movies, television shows, or local news in high definition. In addition to the easy setup, streaming content comes with a number of unsung benefits. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Watch television on your time.

With streaming services, all your favorite content can be watched when you’re ready. You’re busy, and shouldn’t have to change your lifestyle to catch your favorite show. With many streaming services, you’ll have the ability to restart a program from the beginning if you’re late tuning in or replay content from the past 72 hours without having to use DVR space to record it.

  1. Your viewing experience is personalized.

How many times have you turned on the television to mindlessly scroll through the guide or shift through channels? With streaming, you receive personalized recommendations of shows, movies, and more based on what you watch and record.

  1. No extra hardware is needed.

Many cable options require at least one set-top box to receive high-definition signals, and your cable bill can swell considerably if you have multiple set-top boxes. With a streaming service, you don’t need any extra equipment or the inherent monthly fees. A reliable high-speed internet service allows you to stream the content you love.

  1. Enjoy DVR recorded content on the go.

When you cut the cord and opt for a quality streaming service, you can enjoy your recorded shows from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Take your entertainment on the go – perfect for a family road trip.

Streaming video is a simple way to get the best picture and programs on your schedule. Now is the time to explore the many streaming options available and consider how your family can benefit from a content provider that personalizes everyone’s experience.

13 thoughts on “The Unsung Benefits of Streaming Video

  1. Can you do a better job of Grouping of the channels like all the sports channels and one set of channels in the 830s the news channels CNN MSNBC Fox News all in like the for the 840 group you know CC NBC Fox business in that same group not spread all over the channel the group

    1. Hello. Unfortunately, contracts prohibit us from listing “like” channels so closely together. Some networks prefer not to be closer to channels of the same content.

    1. This is available now. Visihttps://www.htcinc.net/htctv-max/ t, which will explain more about the product and give you the information to call.

  2. Is it possible to add HTC TV MAX streaming to existing Basic cable account or one needs to switch to streaming-only and return the TV box?

    1. Unfortunately, you cannot have both. TV MAX eliminates the need for all boxes and wires, and still offers you the guide associated with traditional cable. When you sign up for TV MAX, you get a free Amazon Fire TV Stick that will replace the box. MAX also comes with free DVR and On Demand.

  3. How about an app to make it easier to watch tv anywhere. I came from NY area and had Optimim online. The app allowed me to view any channel on any device as long as I was on the same network. Also let me schedule DVR from anywhere.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll pass it along to the group. We used to have the DVR function, but it was discontinued by our vendor. If you have HTC TV MAX, you can look back up to 48 hours … and it comes with free DVR.

  4. Where can I see a list of HTC Max channels?
    Is it possible to keep internet and only have a streaming service?

    1. Yes. The exciting thing is, HTC TV MAX includes all the channels that HTC Digital Cable does, with the exception of Music Choice. However, since we’re providing an Amazing Fire TV Stick, you can access all that music on free apps from Spotify or Pandora. And you certainly can have Internet only. We understand that many folks will want to go with another streaming solution, but we hope we can continue to be your internet provider.

  5. When will this be available on Roku? I’ve already invested money into this platform and gotten familiar with it.

    1. We are negotiating to include it on Roku, but right now we are not contractually able to do so. Apologies.

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