Three Ways Home Automation Lowers Energy Costs

As the winter season ushers in cooler temperatures, your monthly energy cost can spike. Home automation systems are designed to regulate energy use, lowering your expenses while still allowing you to customize your home’s environment.

The HTC Connected Home Security works in a number of ways to decrease your costs. Our top three money-saving benefits include:

  • Connected lights: It’s never been easier to turn off lights you or the kids mistakenly left on when you’re away from your home. With a push of a button from your smartphone, lights can be flipped on or off. Connect light automation with motion detectors on the HTC Connected Home Security system so light will always be available when you need it. Plus, you can program lights throughout your home to dim or brighten at certain times of the day or evening to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • ‘Just right’ temperature: Program your home’s thermostat to decrease heating or cooling efforts when no one is home. Just before everyone return for the evening, program the thermostat to adjust to a comfortable temperature. You can set the thermostat to fall in line with other automated functions, like fans, shades, or lights.
  • All systems off: When you run out the door in a hurry, leave with confidence knowing you can turn off all lights, electronics, and appliances that are connected to your HTC Connected Home Security system. No more wondering if you remembered to turn off the coffee pot or locked the door. An automated home does it all.

Enjoy the many benefits of a home automation system when you partner with HTC. The HTC Connected Home Security system is powered by, a leader in home automation and safety. Use this holiday season to lower your energy costs and simplify your life with technology. Explore the many features of the HTC Connected Home Security service.

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