Trick-or-Treating Alternatives During the C0VID-19 Pandemic

The holiday season is upon us, and one of the kid-favorite events is just around the corner. Halloween is typically a fun candy-collecting time with friends and neighbors, but as we continue to move through the COVID-19 pandemic, families are searching for some safe (and fun!) activities.

If you don’t plan to participate in traditional trick-or-treating this year, we’ve collected a few ideas that will still get your family in the spooky spirit.

  1. Candy Drop-off

Create a Halloween treat bag filled with candy and other spooky treats and leave it at the doors of a few local friends. Include a note that tells them how they can keep the candy drop-off going!

  1. Halloween Parade

Organize a Halloween parade within your neighborhood that encourages kids to dress in their costumes and stand outside their home at a specific time. Adults can drive through the neighborhood tossing candy to the waiting ghosts and goblins.

  1. Haunted Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for your kids in your backyard. Let them dress up and offer flashlights or glowsticks to light their way. Hide candy and other treats at each spot along the hunt.

  1. Spooky S’mores Party

If your backyard has enough space for a firepit, set up chairs or stools for your family to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Add a few spooky stories to the mix, and you have a tasty Halloween party.

As we all take steps to enjoy Halloween with safety in mind, these ideas will allow your family to incorporate social distancing without giving up the candy.

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