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What can I do with high-speed internet?

HTC offers internet that’s 20 times faster than the average internet speed in the United States. Gigabit internet is now offered through the HTC fiber-optic and cable modem networks.

Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment

HTC High-Speed Internet at 1 Gig allows you to download a 2-hour HD movie in under 25 seconds. Stream from your favorite platform without buffering, even when multiple devices are connected to the Wi-Fi signal. The HD movies and shows offered on HTC TV MAX and other streaming services will display without interruption.

Stay safe

Power your smart home devices, like security cameras, thermostats, and smart smoke detectors. The advanced technology offered in today’s safety devices can’t work to protect your family without a reliable internet connection. With 1 Gig connection from HTC, your entire home receives a constant signal, keeping your necessary devices powered.

Work and learn

Not only can high-speed internet keep your family entertained and safe, but it can also make the difference in your time spent working from home or connecting to a virtual learning program. Download large files with zero wait time, or engage in a live video conference without audio or visual glitches. Even when your children are simultaneously connecting with teachers via virtual learning, your connection is seamless.

Everything at once

One of the most important benefits of HTC High-Speed Internet up to 1 Gig is that you can do all these things at once. The kids don’t have to stop streaming music or watching videos from their tablet for you to connect securely to a Zoom conference call. The fiber-optic network that powers the fast internet speeds supports multiple devices each making their own demands on the bandwidth.

HTC recognizes that high-speed internet is a necessity in today’s world. From entertainment to running a business from home, consistent signal strength reduces frustration and losses from latency. Explore the three internet tiers offered by HTC and check availability for your home.

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