20 www.htcinc.net | Spring 2017 Growing up By Carlie Mills A GRAND STRAND GIRL I was raised on salt — literally, figuratively, symbolically. It runs in my blood, if nothing else, from the gallons of ocean water I choked on and swallowed as a child learning to bodysurf. True, I literally grew up on salt in my neighborhood bordered by the Atlantic. And yes, heavy portions of sodium found their way into my bowls of greens. But anyone from the golden strip between Georgetown and Little River knows that salt is a state of mind; it’s a way of life. I guard my “locals” card with my life and always feel a rush of pride when I’m asked about my hometown. I lovingly tease helpless tourists who wear black socks with sandals, but I’d give them directions to the store in a heartbeat. And while I feel defensive and secretive about my favorite spots along the Grand Strand, I hope everyone can experience these local favorites and appreciate them the way I do. Shaped by salt Images provided by Carlie Mills. Spring 2017 | www.htcinc.net 21