24 www.htcinc.net | Spring 2017 Savor this, skip that! Do’s and don’ts for the perfect picnic Flower boxes are brighter, temperatures are rising and our beaches are filling up — it’s almost summer in Horry County! Now that the pollen is no longer blanketing absolutely everything, it’s the ideal season to get outside and enjoy the weather before the humidity kicks into high gear. Whether you crave a romantic one-on-one meal or an outing for the whole family, a picnic is perfect for either. Follow these do’s and don’ts on your next spring picnic! The Basket The first step in assembling your basket is lining it with a big throw or blanket. You don’t have to get too fancy — this is going on the ground, after all! To start, add in plastic utensils, a knife and hand wipes. DO bring an extra blanket. You’ll never regret throwing in a spare — it may serve as a pillow or more room for friends! DON’T bring paper napkins. Stick a roll of paper towels in your picnic basket, or consider cloth napkins — anyone who has chased after a paper napkin after a sudden gust of wind will understand this one. Picnic pro tip: Bring your own trash bag! Having a place to put trash as you eat prevents bits of litter from getting loose and makes cleanup a snap. What to Do: 1. In a medium saucepan, bring the water to a boil over high heat. 2. Remove water from the heat. Add tea bags and cover for 3 to 5 minutes. 3. Remove tea bags, add honey and juices; mix well. 4. Let cool, then pour over ice and enjoy! 25 Spring 2017 | www.htcinc.net The Nosh Delicious doesn’t have to be difficult! Take cues from a charcuterie board and pack a spread of soft cheese (think Brie or Havarti), crusty French bread, grapes and hummus. Make it more kid-friendly by swapping in string cheese, crackers and carrot sticks. DO bring fruit with a peel. Apples, tangerines, plums and pears all fit into both the tasty and portable categories. DON’T bring mayonnaise-based foods such as potato salad or ranch dip. These items can be risky when left at room temperature for too long, and this can cause an easily avoidable tummy ache. Picnic pro tip: Grab extra condiments next time you go to the grocery store. The deli section typically has mustard, oil and vinegar packets available. The Refreshments Nibbling on all those delicious snacks and sitting in the sun calls for something cold and refreshing to wash it all down. Remember that you must adhere to the alcohol policy at your chosen venue — the rule at the park is probably different from the one in your backyard! Be sure to check before you pack your basket. DO make drinks ahead of time to stay hydrated. For a guilt-free treat, try a fun and seasonal drink like Iced Citrus Green Tea, and stash it in reusable water bottles. DON’T bring fruit juices or soda. Not only will sugary drinks make you feel sluggish as you sit in the sunshine, they can create a sticky mess that attracts bugs and other unwelcome guests. Picnic pro tip: Drop frozen fruit into your drinks before you go — it will help keep the drink cold and add a fruity flavor to your tea or water. You are now officially ready to host a picnic like a pro! What recipes and snacks will you take on your next outdoor adventure? Do you have any favorite picnic spots? We want to hear from you! Find us on Facebook, and share your thoughts and picnic pics! www.facebook.com/HTCinc. FRESH-MADE FLAVOR FAST In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s hard to find quality food fast. Z’s offers a sit-down-quality experience with a warm atmosphere and fresh, chef-driven creations in a fast-casual environment. CHEF-DRIVEN FOOD DELIVERED TO YOUR TABLE IN 10 MINUTES PANINIZ • SANDWICHEZ • SALADZ • TACOZ • WRAPZ • SHAREABLEZ OPEN DAILY 11 AM - 9 PM • Best prices on the beach for beer and wine • Outdoor patio seating • Catering and large-party menus for any size group, with pricing to fit almost any budget • Vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options zsamazingkitchen.com • 843-663-1999 1400 Highway 17 North, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (At the main entrance to the Coastal North Town Center - Publix Plaza)