4 www.htcinc.net | Spring 2017 A word from Mike Hagg, HTC CEO Dear reader and fellow Cooperative member, Welcome back to another issue of Life Connections! We hope you enjoyed the winter issue — we have received many wonderful comments from our readers, and we hope you keep them coming! If you particularly loved a certain article, know of an individual or story that should be featured, or just want to share your opinion, visit www.htcinc.net/life-connections and give us your feedback. By doing so, you’ll be entered to win an Amazon Echo Dot! As always, our spring issue covers a broad array of subjects: We dive headfirst into beach culture, offer picnic-planning tips, explore the arts in the community, give our spin on local businesses, take a bite out of The Brentwood, and so much more. The abundance of new beginnings that occur in spring has brought a refreshed appreciation for our Cooperative members. Because a cooperative is owned by its members and operated for their benefit, YOU are a critical piece of the puzzle. HTC plays an important role in our community and its economy, in addition to improving the quality of life for area businesses and individuals. And it’s our dedication to doing what’s best for our members that has allowed us to refund more than $113.3 million in Capital Credits to our members since 1979. Michael Hagg, Chief Executive Officer Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Join us for the HTC Annual Membership Meeting Tuesday, August 8, 2017 HTC Center at Coastal Carolina University Registration at 4 p.m. Entertainment at 5:15 p.m. Meeting begins at 7 p.m. Join your fellow HTC members for an evening of learning, live music, networking and celebration. Come mingle and be entertained by a local band before the meeting kicks off, and don’t miss your chance to win one of the many giveaways and prizes! A shuttle service will be provided, and if you register before 7 p.m., you’ll receive two $2 bills and become eligible for door prizes! Just be sure you’re in attendance in case you’re the lucky winner. While there, visit the product and service booths to chat with employees and find out what’s new at HTC. During the meeting, you’ll get all the latest updates from the Annual Report and have the opportunity to cast your vote in the election of the HTC board of directors. The board of directors plays a critical role in establishing objectives, prioritizing goals, allocating Capital Credits and setting the course for the Cooperative’s future. Your vote is your voice, and we rely on the input of our members to guide our growth. When the Cooperative is financially successful, you share in a part of that success. Your membership makes you a stakeholder in HTC, and therefore eligible for Capital Credits. Allocations, which will be issued in September, are dependent upon the number of services you have with HTC and the revenue that the services generate. HTC has refunded over $113 million in Capital Credits back to its members, which include local businesses that are a part of the Cooperative. Beyond the numbers, membership with HTC means you are supporting an organization that supports your community. The positive impact of working with a cooperative is felt all around. Conducting business locally with HTC stimulates the economy, keeps friends and neighbors employed, and ensures that you get compassionate customer service from folks who live and work right here in your community. HTC is proud to support numerous local institutions and causes such as the American Red Cross, Coastal Carolina University, United Way and Horry County Schools, just to name a few. Unlike big corporations, HTC isn’t focused on pleasing a small group of investors or a single owner. First and foremost, we exist to serve your best interests. Many large companies simply put up with their customers, but we step up for ours. Because you’re not really a customer — you’re a member. We work and live in your community, so we understand your communication needs. Anytime you have a question or concern, you can count on a quick response from a real person, not an automated voice. In today’s fast-paced world, the way a cooperative operates may sound a little old-fashioned to some — but to us, outstanding service will never be obsolete. Keep an eye on your mailbox — your HTC Annual Report will mail in July, along with your Annual Meeting registration card. Be sure to bring that along to the Annual Meeting to ensure express registration. If you can’t make the meeting, look for the proxy card near the registration form. Be sure to complete and mail it in immediately — your vote matters! We hope to see you on August 8! To learn more about Capital Credits and Cooperative membership, and to get all the details on the Annual Meeting, visit www.htcinc.net. Come hear more about the benefits you receive as a Cooperative member at the HTC Annual Meeting, which will take place at the HTC Center at Coastal Carolina University. Get the latest updates and reports, enjoy live entertainment, and connect with other HTC members. Save the date — August 8, 2017. We are proud to have provided our friends and neighbors with the best possible service for more than 65 years, and we hope you know just how much you are valued. Best regards, Read Life Connections online at www.htcinc.net.