18 19 www.htcinc.net | Winter 2018 Winter 2018 | www.htcinc.net CONNECTYOUR BUSINESSWITH HTC IT SERVICES You can’t spell “profit” without “IT.”The bright minds behind the HTC IT (InformationTechnology) Services team work to ensure your business is always online. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT staff, HTC can provide you with comprehensive support, or provide assistance on specific requests. Here’s how our IT Services team can connect – and protect – your business: • Network Security & Firewall – Get premier protection for sensitive files and stronger resistance to network attacks. • Network Monitoring 24/7 –We’re constantly looking for ways to increase your network speed and security. • Data Backup & Recovery – Rest easy knowing HTC always has a backup of your most valuable information. • Multi-Site Connectivity – Seamlessly connect multiple site locations and employees near or far. Gain the competitive edge your business needs. Call 843-365-2155 to set up a consultation today. What are IT services? In a business climate that’s constantly evolving and impacted by the Internet, more and more businesses are finding themselves spread thin trying to keep up with maintenance and protection demands. Fortunately, IT services can alleviate these pressures and offer a range of internet-based solutions and security – from mitigating risks to allowing for efficiencies with networked locations and more. The big idea is that IT services allow business owners to focus on managing business growth, not business technology. With IT Services, your business would typically gain: • Centralized technology management • Enhanced cybersecurity • Proactive IT solutions • Timely customer support • Remote-office IT support • More cost savings Why are IT services important? You can’t spell profit without IT. Keeping a full-time IT staff can be very expensive with salaries, benefits, insurance and continuing education. That’s why HTC is committed to connecting and protecting local businesses, and we can offer you the ability to use our experts to fulfill your IT needs. Making the most of your business: How IT services can make or break success Cloud and Hosted Services Cloud services provide secure hosting of your data on virtual servers, allowing your business to safely house enormous amounts of data and information. With could services, you can eliminate equipment costs and utilize more features, as well as minimize maintenance fees. It’s more efficiency, with less hassle. How would IT services impact my business? Because IT services allow you to contact a single source for all your needs, you have more time to focus on running your business. Centralized technology management allows you to save time by eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors, and it alleviates the IT hassles that tend to fall on the shoulders of business owners. When does that become critical? Take, for example, a chef who opens a restaurant. Well, that restaurant has to maintain Wi-Fi for its customers, track business inventory, manage transactions from online orders, and more. The chef’s specialty isn’t figuring out why the connection speed is dragging — it’s cooking. By choosing a centralized provider to manage tricky technology services, the chef has more time to spend developing recipes and focusing on customer service. As another example, consider the needs of a small- sized accounting firm. Network security and firewall protection are especially critical for the firm, because it deals with sensitive information and does not have time to deal with viruses and malware. The accountant who started the firm doesn’t have time to juggle various providers for each business-technology need, and certainly doesn’t have the expertise to handle it alone. Opting for IT Services takes the burden off the accountant, so that the firm can get back to business. For over 65 years, HTC has proudly provided business solutions to our community — and these are just a few that are available. To learn more, visit www.htcinc.net/business-solutions. To learn more about how your business would benefit from IT services, contact the HTC IT Services Team at 843-365-2155 or visit www.htcinc.net/business/it-services. 19 Winter 2018 | www.htcinc.net 18 www.htcinc.net | Winter 2018 Here are the ways that HTC can help keep your business running smoothly: Managed Network Security HTC Managed Network Security helps protect businesses from network threats by identifying and reporting spam, viruses, firewall issues and phishing schemes. HTC doesn’t block content or traffic unnecessarily, but it does block malware and abnormal activity to protect the integrity of the business. This is accomplished through virtual private networks, firewalls and Anti-X solutions. Managed Firewall Security This service from HTC protects your business from a variety of evolving risks and threats. For example, if an employee visits a website that exposes your network to threats, you’d be in trouble without firewall security. This service also allows for automated weekly reports on internet activity and employee productivity — a great way for your business to stay protected and productive. Data Backup and Recovery Your business’s data is entirely unique, and losing that could mean losing business. Whether threatened by hardware failure, inclement weather, theft, piracy, sabotage or simple human error, your data is at risk. In most instances, lost data cannot be recovered. Outsourcing data backup with HTC IT Services is the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect your business’s data and gain peace of mind. LAN/WAN/Wi-Fi Design & Implementation Take your business to the next level by developing LAN/WAN that maximizes the potential of voice and data technologies to exchange information. Utilizing HTC IT Services’ state-of-the-art data backup and recovery is the most streamlined, productive and reasonable way to protect your business. Here are the ways the HTC IT Services team of experts can help keep your business running smoothly: