24 25 www.htcinc.net | Winter 2018 Winter 2018 | www.htcinc.net HTC Employee Spotlight: Get to know the IT Services team 25 Winter 2018 | www.htcinc.net Taking local business-tech solutions to the next level The members of the HTC IT (Information Technology) Services team are not only the skilled hands and technical masterminds that keep your businesses running smoothly, they are your friends and neighbors. While these engineers, technicians and coordinators are heavily relied upon by Cooperative members like you, not everyone understands exactly what it is that they do — just that they make technology magically work! Below, get to know the IT Services team a bit better. HTC Business Solutions offers a variety of customized services, and part of that is handling the design, implementation and management of network components such as routers, switches, wireless controllers and access points. Beyond its lengthy list of training certifications and special titles, the team’s vast experience truly sets HTC apart from other providers. The team’s members have an impressive 120 years of collective experience, but it’s their diverse specialties and training that make the group so powerful and effective together. “We have background in pretty much every field,” explains Chad Sarvis, System Engineer Analyst at HTC, “and we’ve all brought that different expertise into this and made the network side even stronger.” “Being a sales engineer is another part of what we do,” adds Scott Owen, Supervisor of Technical Services at HTC. “We do site visits and consultations, design implementation, network assessment.” Scott is referring to the team’s ability to go beyond the realm of IT to be strategic business partners. For example, having experts come in and say, “OK, you have these three locations, and here’s the most reliable, most cost-effective solution to make sure everything gets backed up,” is invaluable to small- business owners — especially because they typically don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to deal with all the technical requirements of a business. 24 www.htcinc.net | Winter 2018 Left to right: Chad Sarvis, Systems Engineer Analyst and Ricky Altman, Systems Engineer Left to right: Richard West, Systems Consultant and Ricky Altman, Systems Engineer. Left to right: Jennifer Rabon, HTC Team Member, Jimmy Anderson, Manager of Technical Services and Patrick Cox, Systems Engineer