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How do I install the free Trend Micro anti-virus software on my computer?

Sign in to your My Account via the HTC website on the PC or Mac you wish to install Trend Micro anti-virus software.

  • Click on Account Details.

  • Find the purple Internet icon and click the Actions button to the right to produce a drop-down menu.
  • In the drop-down menu, click Manage Trend Micro Licenses.

  • Step 1: Click either Get PC or Mac License Key. (You can have up to 3 licensed copies of Trend Micro for 3 different PCs or Macs in your home.)
  • Step 2: Click either Download PC or Mac Version of Trend Micro on your computer.

ProTip: It is recommended to write down or take note of which device corresponds to each Trend Micro Key.

  • If a License Key is no longer needed, such as a computer no longer working, click the blue ‘Actions’ box on the right to produce an option to Delete This License. License Keys cannot be reused on another device. A new License Key is required for any new computers.

How do I renew my Trend Micro subscription?

Please follow the steps below to renew your Trend Micro Security Protection.

Click on the existing Trend Micro Security Icon on your PC / device

Trend Micro Update

Click on Check Subscription

Trend Micro Update Instructions

The next screen shows ‘End of Support Announcement’; click on the link ‘FREE upgrade to most recent release’

Trend Micro free upgrade