Network updates

Network Updates

Maintenance Alerts

Network updates will cause brief outages

Beginning the week of April 16 through May 1, HTC Digital Cable will be performing maintenance in order to improve our network.  

This maintenance will cause a brief interruption of service.  Due to the nature of this maintenance, it may be performed outside of the typical maintenance window.  

During this time, WCSC will also be removed from the lineup in Horry County.  For an up-to-date lineup, click here.

Sun Spots

Sun outages take place every year during the Spring and Fall when the sun passes behind a satellite. During these mini-eclipses, energy from the sun causes degradation in the video signal. Video customers may experience anything from a slight signal degradation such as tiling to complete signal loss.

The outages will be gradual and slight on the first and last days of the cycle, reaching a peak during mid-cycle when the sun is located directly behind the satellite. The exact date, time and severity of these outages will vary.

The fall cycle will last several weeks in October. If you experience outages longer than 15 minutes, please contact our Repair Department at 843-365-2186.

Copper Retirement

Singleton Ridge Road area of Conway

Harbor Towne




Scrambled TV

Channel lineup alerts

Free HBO/Showtime Preview

HBO and Cinemax will offer a Free Preview Weekend April 20–23.  The preview will be available to all HTC Digital Cable customers with a set-top box.  Set-top boxes provide parental controls to block channels or specific ratings.

Get Hooked!

Enjoy a free preview of World Fishing Network this may on HTC Digital Cable. World Fishing Network is the only network solely dedicated to angling lifestyle with more fishing programs than any other TV network. 

WFN’s diverse programming includes instruction, tips, travel, tournament, food, boating and outdoor lifestyle with some of the most recognized personalities in the angling community. 

You can watch all month long on channel 183. A digital set-top box is required.