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Protect your personal information with simple cyber security tips

Throughout 2020 and even into the new year, the pandemic created crimes of opportunity for cyber hackers.

There are more and more stories involving cyber hackers and scammers. Today’s Tech Tuesday provides you with some tech tips that will help keep you cyber aware.

First, always take the time to call a sender and confirm any request to transfer money. Also, be skeptical of any unexpected invoice, or request to receive payment for anything by using gift cards.

Never reuse passwords between any website or service. Do not save your passwords on your phones or in a word document on your computer. If hackers can get into your phone or computer, they will have access to all of your saved passwords. Be vigilant with suspicious SMS messages. Your bank will never ask you to access your account from a text message.

Lastly, don’t click direct links in emails and text messages, especially those asking you to enter sensitive information. It’s always best to go directly to the source, like your banking website. Although we can’t stop the hackers and scammers, we can stay ahead of them.

We hope you will find today’s tips beneficial in your everyday use of technology and allow HTC to create a safe broadband experience for you with our free anti-virus software download for high-speed internet members.

If you have a tech tip or platform that you think is shareworthy, email us at Tech.Tuesday@htcinc.net, and share your thoughts and experiences on social media using the hashtag #HTCTechTuesday.

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