As we have recently communicated, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which is a temporary Federal Government program started as part of COVID-era relief, will soon be discontinued.

HTC has been notified that April 2024 will be the last fully funded month for the ACP. This means your last HTC internet bill with the ACP credit applied will be your April statement and moving forward, you will be responsible for your standard internet rate. *

Please note that we as a Cooperative understand you may have come to rely on this bill credit over the past two years to help offset the cost of your monthly internet bill, but the funding of the ACP is out of our control. 

US Capitol Building

What can you do?

We encourage our Members to send a request to Congress asking that they continue to fund ACP. 

Below you will find options which may help curb the cost of your current monthly bill in the event the ACP is discontinued.

As of February 7, 2024, applications for the ACP are no longer being accepted.

If you have a question regarding your HTC service, you can click here or call to speak with a Member Relations Associate at 843-365-2154.

*As a result of the discontinuation of the ACP, your household will now be subject to HTC’s undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions of service. However, you do have the option to change service levels and/or to opt out of continuing service at the end of the ACP. If you have an outstanding balance on your account, you will be responsible for making payments on your account to avoid a disruption in service.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a temporary federal government program that reduces the customer’s broadband Internet access service bill by up to $30. Households will be subject to HTC’s undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions if the program ends, if they transfer their benefit to another provider but continue to receive service from the current provider, or upon de-enrollment from the Affordable Connectivity Program. Subscribers whose total bill exceeds $30 will be responsible for the remaining balance after the ACP discount is applied. Providers may disconnect a household’s ACP-supported service after 90 consecutive days of non-payment. Subscribers may apply the ACP benefit to any broadband service offerings at the same terms available to households that are not eligible for ACP-supported service. Households may obtain broadband service supported by the ACP program from any participating provider of their choosing and may transfer my ACP program benefit to another provider at any time. There is a limit of one benefit per household per month. The Affordable Connectivity Program’s Consumer Complaint Center can be reached by calling (877) 384-2575 or by visiting the Center’s website.

Tier 1

Up to 500
Starting At


  • Stream video on 4K resolution devices
  • Good for multi-player online gaming
  • Multiple devices connected at once


Tier 2

Up to 750
Starting At


  • Buffer-free video streaming
  • Multi-player gaming with no lag
  • Crystal-clear video chat & meetings

Tier 3

Up to 1 GIG     
Starting At


  • Powers multiple smart-home devices
  • Reliably connects home security system
  • Download full HD movies in seconds