Severe Weather

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Severe Weather

HTC is prepared and ready to respond should outages occur due to severe weather. Whether it is an ice storm, a hurricane or anything in between, our team members will work safely to restore services to the largest number of members in the shortest possible time. 

When inclement weather strikes, HTC personnel will continuously manage our emergency operations center and monitor the network. The safety of HTC employees is paramount and our team members will only respond to outages when it is safe to do so.

Please know that although you may have power at your home, a power loss where HTC equipment is located can cause an interruption in services.

Report An Outage

To report an outage in your area, go to the Support tab in HTC My Account and click on “Report a Technical Issue”  or call  843-365-2186. Call volume may affect wait times.

Security Panel Reset

Severe weather may affect  your home security system. 
Click HERE to identify possible issues and steps to clear communication errors and weather alerts.  

While we here at HTC are dedicated to formulating a preparedness plan that keeps our employees safe and keeps you connected, please know we want the same for your family.

To ensure your safety, we suggest following the five steps to prepare yourself and your family:

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Fully charge all cellphones and other mobile devices. It’s also suggested that you have extra or rechargeable batteries as backups or have an external battery charger on hand for additional usage.

Invest in a top-shelf surge protector for your home. A whole-home surge protector can guard against power surges caused by lightning or downed power lines. Your home’s electronics and appliances are highly susceptible to catastrophic damage from electrical surges without this protection.

Build a family communication plan. Be sure everyone’s cell phones have the correct phone numbers for out-of-area family members and choose a point of contact for everyone to contact if you become separated.

If you live in a flood prone area, move your electronics and HTC-issued equipment to a higher point in your home, such as the second floor or attic.

Backup important data from your computer, phones and cameras on external drives. The cloud is ideal for saving all your info so you don’t have to worry if something happens to your equipment.

Storm Preparation

HTC, the only local and total telecommunications company serving this area, knows that the need for reliable communications is more important than ever, especially during hurricane season.

Power, but no Internet?

Has this ever happened to you? Your power is still on, but your phone, cable and Internet are not working. Here’s why that may be happening.

Staying Connected

Having a family communications plan is vital during times of severe weather. These simple tips can help you stay connected with loved ones during and after the storm.

HTC Storm Plan

Your local telecommunications provider takes several steps to ensure you stay connected when severe weather strikes. HTC has many steps in place to keep your service running during the storm, and to make sure equipment is functional as soon as safely possible afterward.

Storm Recovery

After the storm’s passing, HTC employees will begin making the repairs to our network as soon as it is safely possible. Flooding, as well as winds over 35 mph can slow down this process; with our protocols we will work to restore services while ensuring the safety of our employees.

Business Services 

Let HTC help your business weather the storm with data backup and recovery, top-notch security systems with remote monitoring and Hosted PBX.

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