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Stay SAFE During SEVERE Weather

Making sure you’re ready for hurricane season should be a top priority if you live in Horry or surrounding counties. This includes planning ahead for how your family will handle severe weather and what you’ll do if a major storm threatens our area and evacuation orders are put into place. You should have an evacuation plan in place well before severe weather threatens our area, not waiting to put one together when we are in the direct path of a storm. As you put together your plan, it is important to remember area shelters should only be used as a last resort.

In preparation, HTC team members place sandbags around our retail offices and remote stations to ensure the safety of the equipment used to provide you with high-speed internet, home phone and other vital telecommunication services. We also get our generators prepped and ready to be available in case they are needed. And perhaps most importantly, we put together our emergency teams. These people are prepared 24/7 for any disruptions in service caused by severe storms. We deploy those teams as soon as it’s safe for our employees to travel to remote stations and make the needed repairs to restore service.

While we here at HTC are dedicated to formulating a preparedness plan that keeps our employees safe and keeps you connected, please know we want the same for your family.

Report an outage

To report an outage in your area, visit HTC My Account or call 843-365-2186. Call volume may affect wait times. Thank you for your patience.

Clear communication errors and alerts from security panels

Click HERE for important information on your home security system and steps to clear communication errors and weather alerts.

Tips to prepare yourself and your family

While we here at HTC are dedicated to formulating a preparedness plan that keeps our employees safe and keeps you connected, please know we want the same for your family. To ensure your safety, we suggest following the five steps below to prepare yourself and your family:

  • Be sure your cellphones and other mobile devices are fully charged. It’s also suggested that you have extra or rechargeable batteries as backups or have an external battery charger on hand for additional usage.
  • Invest in a top-shelf surge protector for your home. A whole-home surge protector can guard against power surges caused by lightning or downed power lines. Your home’s electronics and appliances are highly susceptible to catastrophic damage from electrical surges without this protection.
  • Build a family communication plan. Be sure everyone’s cell phones have the correct phone numbers for out-of-area family members and choose a point of contact for everyone to contact if you become separated.
  • If you live in a flood prone area, move your electronics and HTC-issued equipment to a higher point in your home, such as the second floor or attic.
  • Backup important data from your computer, phones and cameras on external drives. The cloud is ideal for saving all your info so you don’t have to worry if something may happen to your equipment.

Preparing for a major storm


HTC, the only local and total telecommunications company serving this area, knows that the need for reliable communications is more important than ever, especially during hurricane season.

How HTC handles storms


Your local telecommunications provider takes several steps to ensure you stay connected when severe weather strikes. HTC has many steps in place to keep your service running during the storm, and to make sure equipment is functional as soon as safely possible afterward.

Tips for staying connected


Having a family communications plan is vital during times of severe weather. These simple tips can help you stay connected with loved ones during and after the storm.

Power, but no Internet?

Has this ever happened to you? Your power is still on, but your phone, cable and Internet are not working. Here’s why that may be happening.

Storm recovery

Your communication is our top priority, but outages are bound to happen during severe weather. After the storm’s passing, HTC employees will begin making the repairs to our network as soon as it is safely possible. Flooding, as well as winds over 35 mph can slow down this process, as we also like to ensure the safety of our employees.

Business services 

Let HTC help your business weather the storm with data backup and recovery, top-notch security systems with remote monitoring and Hosted PBX.