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REEL Kids 2016


Recognizing Horry County’s bravest, brightest

Since 2001, HTC has confirmed a local connection to the community by hosting the HTC REEL Kids program to honor students who may otherwise go unnoticed. These students are worthy of recognition for their outstanding leadership qualities that have helped them through special circumstances.

All schools in Horry County, primary through high school, were encouraged to participate by nominating an extraordinary student. For the 19th consecutive year, HTC received 100% participation, and all Horry County Schools are represented with a REEL Kids award winner.

“When we receive the nominations from the schools and read about the hardships these young people have endured, we are humbled,” said Mike Hagg, HTC Chief Executive Officer. “These REEL Kids have fought through the loss of loved ones, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, disease, emotional problems, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and so much more.

“The most remarkable fact is that the REEL Kids have overcome what some would have seen as stumbling blocks.”

As part of becoming an HTC REEL Kid, each child along with his/her teacher, principal or guidance counselor is interviewed for an HTC REEL Kids segment that airs weekly during the local talk show, RiverTalk.  Each child’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity is shared during the interview.


HTC is proud to help share these inspirational stories with the community. For more information concerning the HTC REEL Kids Awards, please contact Leslie Causey, HTC Senior Marketing Coordinator, at 843-369-8564..