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Stream your digital entertainment with confidence! Thanks to HTC’s recommendation tool, you can find the streaming package* that best suits your budget…and viewing preferences. Plus, with HTC High-Speed Internet, you can get speeds up to 1GB, which means you can watch seamlessly.

*HTC only offers TV MAX. All other video streaming services listed are available from their individual providers and accessible with the use of HTC Internet.

HTC Connected Home Security

Home Security & Automation

Creating a well-protected smart home is within your reach. Explore HTC Connected Home Security packages and learn how HTC High-Speed Internet powers your smart-home devices, security system, and cameras.

Wireless Services

HTC Wireless Services keep you connected on-the-go. Whether you need a single line or a family bundle, our unlimited plans powered by AT&T’s 5G will allow you to talk, text, and stream from nearly anywhere.