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Wireless DEVICES and PLANS

Get the Right Services for Your Team

HTC Wireless powered by AT&T keeps your business connected on AT&T’s 5G reliable and secure network plus custom solutions to meet your business needs.  As an AT&T retailer, HTC offers the latest smartphones, watches, tablets, and mobile hotspot devices at the most affordable prices – allowing you to do more work in more places to make every minute and dollar count.

Business Plans & Pricing

Stay Connected with Unlimited Your Way for Business! Save money and pay only for what your team needs by picking plans that best suit each member. Pick the right plan for each line – you can have 10 lines per Unlimited Your Way for Business plan group. 

All plans have unlimited data, talk and text, and access to 5G/ 5G+ services where available.

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Mobilize your business with the latest smartphones built for performance and productivity. 

Choose from the sophisticated smartphones from Apple and Samsung including the iPhone, Galaxy and Note series to rugged devices built strong to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling.


Help improve the day-to-day efficiency of your employees and the way they interact with your customers.

Choose from devices built for flexibility and productivity enabling employees to enhance functionality.

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Experience convenience and stay up-to date on everything that matters most right on your wrist. 

You and your employees can receive and send messages, calls and emails helping to keep you connected even when you leave your smartphone behind.

Call HTC at 843.369.6851 and Connect Your Business Today!

Tier 1

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Up to 750
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Tier 3

Up to 1 GIG     
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