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How do I install my HTC issued modem/router?

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How do I reboot my HTC issued modem/router?

To reboot your modem, simply unplug the power cord from the back of the device.

Wait 30 seconds, and then plug the cord back in. Wait for the Internet or Online button to flash, and you should be good to go.

How do I reboot my Gigacenter?

First, do NOT pull on the yellow cord. That is your fiber cord and will damage the equipment.

The power cable is an 8-pin connector with a clip that fastens it to your Gigacenter. You MUST push in on the clip to remove the power cord. 

Leave the cord unplugged for 30 seconds, and then plug back in. Once the Internet light flashes back on, you’re ready to go.

Why is it important not to press the WPS or factory reset button on my modem/router?

The WPS and the factory reset buttons on the HTC High-Speed Internet equipment are reserved for HTC Technical Support representatives and HTC on-site repairmen. 

These buttons should only be pressed if an HTC Technical Support representative advises you to do so. 

Pressing the WPS or the factory reset buttons may result in a complete reset of your Wi-Fi network name back to factory and/or a complete inability to connect to the Internet.