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Account Setup

HTC My Account Setup

How do I access HTC My Account?

Logging into your account is easy.  Visit  or download the HTC My Account app for Android or Apple.

What is required to sign up for the first time?

You will need your billing account number and the Security Code from your most recent bill, as the security code changes monthly. 

Where can I find my security code?

The Security Code is located on your bill below the statement date of your bill.

How do I find my security code if I do not have a copy of my paper bill?

If you are a new member and have not yet received a bill, this information is provided in the My Account registration letter emailed to you when signing up for new HTC services. Continue to follow the instructions to complete your enrollment.

If your paper bill is not available to you or you do not receive an invoice (for instance, because your services are paid under an HOA agreement), please contact Member Services at 843-365-2154 (open Monday-Friday from 8AM-8PM and Saturday 8AM-6PM). To protect your Security Code from unauthorized use, we are unable to provide this information via email. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Once you have your security code, you can complete set up of your HTC My Account.

Why can’t I access My Account from the link on your website?

Check your browser to make sure that your computer is 128 bit encrypted. This type encryption is needed to ensure we have the highest security possible to protect your account information. 

You can access your My Account or sign up HERE.

I’m having a problem getting registered. What should I do?

Please verify the following details:

  • Customer ID – this is the username that you use to login to My Account; it must be unique and easy to remember.
  • Account Number – please make sure the account number is digits only. Do not include any dashes or spaces. (i.e. 014-393-5234-4 becomes 014439352344).
  • Security Code on current bill – You will find the below the due date of your bill.


Tier 1

Up to 500
Starting At


  • Stream video on 4K resolution devices
  • Good for multi-player online gaming
  • Multiple devices connected at once


Tier 2

Up to 750
Starting At


  • Buffer-free video streaming
  • Multi-player gaming with no lag
  • Crystal-clear video chat & meetings

Tier 3

Up to 1 GIG     
Starting At


  • Powers multiple smart-home devices
  • Reliably connects home security system
  • Download full HD movies in seconds