HTC offering two students chance to tour D.C.

HTC is offering an opportunity for two local high school juniors to be a part of a 5-day Youth Tour in Washington D.C. HTC is excited to partner with the Foundation for Rural Service’s (FRS) 2020 Youth Tour, designed to give 100 students an inside look at the telecommunications industry and historical landmarks at the nation’s capital.

Two high school juniors, carefully screened and hand-selected for the experience, will become familiar with the legislative process by visiting Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other governmental agencies.  The Youth Tour will also include visits to some of the capital’s historic landmarks, including the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institution, Jefferson and Lincoln memorials, U.S. Capital, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington Cathedral and Supreme Court. 

“The Foundation for Rural Service’s 2020 Youth Tour is just one of the many benefits exclusive to HTC members and their families,” said Tom Vitt, HTC director of public relations. “We’re happy to support the young people in our communities and enhance their learning with such a unique experience.”

The tour is scheduled for June 6-10, 2020, and will immerse the students in the telecommunications industry while also allowing them to learn through hands-on experiences.

HTC will select the two exemplary candidates who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have a parent that is an HTC Member
  • Be a high school junior under the age of 18 at time of trip
  • Have at least a C grade point average (GPA) or better
  • Demonstrate leadership in organizations and interest in community through volunteer activities
  • Write a letter explaining why he or she would like to attend and stating his or her future plans beyond high school
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher or school official

High school juniors interested in being nominated for the Youth Tour should speak with their school’s guidance counselor about the opportunity. Guidance counselors will submit their suggested nominees no later than Monday, February 24, 2020.

HTC will carefully review each application and select two model students to participate in the Youth Tour. The chosen applicants will be notified by the end of March.

Protect yourself: Start the New Year with new passwords

It’s 2020, so be sure to have a clear vision of why it’s important to change your passwords from time to time.

Hackers are always phishing for your personal information, be it through a dangerous email or tricks to break into your system.

Being this year by changing your passwords to help protect your most important information, and setting a schedule to regularly update them throughout the year.

Here are four reason to do this:

  1. Prevent access to multiple accounts: Make sure your password is unique for each of your online accounts. That way, if someone does get access to one, they won’t have access to all.
  2. Make passwords strong: Your password should be complex and longer than eight characters including lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Stop them at one: If a hacker gains access to your account, changing a password regularly can keep them from continuously accessing your information.
  4. Passwords never die: If you change computers, someone could access your old passwords. Consistently changing them prevents hackers from using outdated information.
  5. Fend off keystroke copycats: Hackers can use keystroke logger technology to record you keystrokes, and it is often used to steal logins. Changing passwords regularly keep the hacker from using information obtained this way for an extended length of time.

HTC Helps The Community with employee-led food drive

HTC employees hosted its 18th Annual Holiday Food Drive, providing both financial and food donations to help the less fortunate in the areas the Cooperative serves.

The 2019 campaign raised over $7,200 and collected hundreds of food items to benefit local food banks and charities including: Christian Missions, CAPS, Master’s Table, Shepherd’s Table, North Strand Helping Hand, and Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach.

The donations by HTC employees provided hot meals to many individuals and families troubled with life challenges through the holidays and into the New Year.

Super Bowl 2020: time, teams, channels, halftime show

It’s almost time for the biggest NFL game of the year, and HTC Digital Cable has you covered.

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 2020. The game will air on WFXB Channels 7 and 807 HD.

The kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2, but the pregame will take place most of the day.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will team up for the halftime performance and the highly anticipated commercials will display throughout the game.

Santa brings the devices, we bring the speed

Did you stock up on new electronic gear over Christmas?

Those devices are going to add to the pull on your Wi-Fi, so make sure you have the speed to ensure everything in your home runs smoothly.

HTC provides access up to 1 Gig in some areas, and nearly 500 Mbps in most areas.

To find out how much speed you may need, visit our speed calculator on our website.