Cash In On Capital Credits

HTC membership comes with a number of distinct benefits. One of the most notable advantages is Capital Credits. Your HTC membership, achieved through your subscription to a qualifying HTC service, represents proportional ownership of the cooperative.

HTC operates as a nonprofit cooperative, so when a profit is earned, those funds are allocated back to our members in the form of Capital Credits. When HTC achieves financial success, our members reap the benefits. The more services you have with HTC, the greater the opportunity for increased Capital Credits.

In 2020, HTC Board of Directors approved approximately $5 million in Capital Credits. This year’s refund represents a portion of 2005 and 2018 allocation. Members whose Capital Credit refund is less than or equal to $50 will receive the amount in the form of a bill credit. Those credits are distributed on either the member’s August or September statement. Members whose Capital Credit refund is $50.01 or more will receive a check in mid-September.

While the allocation and payment of Capital Credits is dependent upon the Cooperative’s operating condition and need for future capital, we have been able to pay more than $146 million back to our members since 1979. Learn more about the unique benefits of being an HTC member.

HTC TV MAX = FREE Amazon FireTV Stick

Since the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, time spent streaming video has drastically increased. In March of this year, an online poll revealed the average American was streaming an estimated eight hours of video content each day while staying indoors much of the day. We’ve turned streaming our favorite shows into a full time job! If you’re going to spend that much time taking in TV programs and movies, you need to have the best streaming service.

HTC TV MAX is the first in-home streaming video service from HTC. With TV MAX, you can stream your favorite shows, live sports, local news channels, and much more without the added fees of a set-top box. While TV MAX has a list of more than 15 compatible streaming devices and platforms, the preferred device is the Amazon FireTV Stick.

HTC wants you to have the best in-home experience while streaming video from the TV MAX platform, so through September 30, we’re giving a FREE Amazon FireTV Stick to everyone who signs up for TV MAX.

Enjoy high-definition channels when it works for you. Your schedule is never the same, and with TV MAX, that’s never a problem. Use the DVR space to record your favorite shows and catch up on the weekends, or launch select programs from the beginning – even if the show is almost over – with Restart.

There’s no fighting for the remote or the best seat in the house because TV MAX allows you to stream from a mobile device, computer, or television within your home. The kids get to stream their favorite videos from a tablet, live sports can play on the living room TV, and the local news can stream from your laptop in the kitchen. HTC TV MAX is television your way. Switch now and get a free Amazon FireTV Stick. Call 843-365-2154 and start streaming within minutes.

My Account App Coming Soon

How you manage your HTC services is about to get even easier. An all-new, must-have HTC app is launching soon! The HTC My Account app will give you access to nearly every aspect of your services from your mobile device.

The My Account app will allow you to pay your bill, modify service details, or request support from your smartphone or tablet. The My Account app is designed to put the power of HTC at your fingertips. You’ll be able to:

  • Pay your bill online
  • Review current and past statements
  • Manage Wi-Fi details
  • Add a new service
  • Go paperless
  • And so much more!

The app is free and set to launch this fall. It will be the easiest way for you to view account details in one place. Get a closer look in our My Account video and look for the new HTC My Account app coming soon to an app store near you!

HTC Connects Students to Free Internet via CARES Funding

HTC is connecting more than 400 families to free Internet service to support hybrid and virtual learning as students begin the new school year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the digital divide across South Carolina and beyond. A reliable internet connection is no longer a benefit to students, it’s a necessity.

The South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) has awarded HTC a vendor contract to provide wired internet service to students who fall within the state’s regulatory guidelines. Horry County Schools is responsible for qualifying households and placing orders through ORS.

The program, funded by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and appropriated by the South Carolina legislature, will allow HTC to provide connectivity to qualifying households through December 31, 2020.

Back in March, HTC worked with Horry County Schools to identify households that lacked internet access and connected 675 residences. Each of those homes received free internet service through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Under the state’s Online Learning Initiative, Horry County Schools evaluated each of those connections and maintained access for those who qualify.

The secured HTC educational circuit will restrict user access to educational platforms pre-approved by the school district. To be eligible, students must live in a household that does not currently have internet access and that has an annual income of 250% or less of federal poverty guidelines.

Parents who have questions about this program or their eligibility are asked to call Missy Johnson with Horry County Schools at 843-488-6993.

No Need to Retire the Grill in the Fall

Grilling season is not over. In fact, it’s the ideal time to grab a bag of charcoal or refill the propone tank and add a few fall foods to the flame. Whether you’re getting game day-ready or preparing family dinner, grilled produce during the autumn season will give your dish a vibrant color and rich flavor.

Sweet potatoes

Create the perfect batch of sweet potato wedges or savory grilled mashed sweet potatoes to accompany nearly any grilled protein. Go for a liberal coat of olive oil and salt and pepper or top with butter and brown sugar for a flavorful side dish.

Brussel sprouts

Add flavor to Brussel sprouts by cooking them on the grill until they’re crisp on the outside. Toss the finished product into a salad or add crispy bacon to the mix for a hearty side.


Slice a few pears in half and remove the core of each. Place the halves face down on the grill and cook for a few minutes. The sweetness of the fruit pairs perfectly with the smoky flavor left on the crisp edges.


If you’re preparing grilled fish, chicken, or vegetables, be sure to split a couple lemons and add them face down to the grill. The citrusy juices are enhanced by the charred flavor, deepening the smoky flavor of your grilled meats and veggies.


A sweet grilled peach coated with a mixture of honey and brown sugar may just rival the raw juiciness of biting into the fruit in mid-summer. Split the peach and remove the pit, then lather the inside of each half with a mixture of sugar, butter, nutmeg, salt, and black pepper. When you remove the peaches from the grill, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and dig in.

Fall produce can be enjoyed in a number of ways, but extending the grilling season and warming up a few dishes with a smoky flavor will give you a new appreciation for the seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Kids and COVID-19

Making the difficult decision of how to move forward with your child’s education in such uncertain times may seem easy compared to explaining why things look and feel so different this school year. Kids ask a lot of questions, so we want to offer a few resources that may help you navigate the conversation of wearing a mask in school, how to be the healthiest they possible can, and what your family can do to be “germ busters” to keep friends healthy.

You’ll find great conversation starters, fun games, and age-appropriate animated videos that help children understand why things are different right now.

Refreshing Your Resume

Roughly 17 million Americans are still without a job as the summer comes to a close, but economists say the job market is beginning to make small climbs toward stabilization. If you’re one of the many who lost their job or was furloughed, and you want to brush the dust off your resume and begin the job hunt, this website can help.

This very easy-to-use resume building site allows you to input your information and organizes it cleanly to build a final product you can download and distribute.

TV MAX is HD Access without a Set-top Box

You don’t want to be tied down by a cable cord or set-top box, and we get it. HTC has launched an in-home streaming service that allows members to use their HTC Internet service to stream cable channels in high definition. 

HTC TV MAX also provides access to premium channels and the ability to record multiple channels simultaneously without the rental of a set-top box or DVR.  With this service, members can access their subscription TV service via an app on their own equipment. 

Plus, with HTC TV MAX, you can take your favorite shows on the road. When away from home, use your TV MAX username and password from any internet connection to schedule or watch recorded content from your TV MAX DVR. You can also access full episodes, movies, and more online with your HTC TV MAX subscription through the included channel streaming apps on HTC TV Everywhere. In addition, enjoy the TV MAX platform from a desktop computer or laptop.

  • Pause Live TV: With the ability to pause live TV, you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite show or sporting event. HTC TV MAX provides up to 30 minutes of pause time. You’ll never miss the game winning shot or portion of the movie thanks to this built-in feature.
  • Startover TV: Watch each show from the very beginning with Startover TV. When you select to watch a live program, a small pop-up appears on the screen asking if you’d like to “Restart this program form the beginning?” Click “Yes” and you’ll be taken to the beginning of that program.
  • Lookback TV: Browse through the past 72 hours of already-played programming, depending on the programmer’s permissions, with the Lookback TV functionality. This feature allows you to watch recently aired programs without having to record the show.
  • DVR: Watch your favorite shows when it’s convenient for you with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) feature from HTC TV MAX. Every HTC TV MAX subscription includes at least 10 hours of free DVR storage across all profiles. There are no limits to the number of channels that can be recorded simultaneously.
  • HD Content: HTC TV MAX offers free HD content included in the service. If we have the channel in HD, we broadcast it to you in HD. No extra channels, costs, or hassle.

Set up your HTC TV MAX account with up to five profiles, with each profile having the ability to capture the individualized watch history for each person and offer personalized recommendations based on content viewed. Pair these benefits with enhanced parental control features and the helpful customer service you’ve come to expect from HTC, and you have a better television viewing experience for the entire family. For additional questions or assistance with HTC TV MAX, call the HTC team at 843-369-8969 or explore the service at