Mapping a Solution to the Digital Divide

Accurate broadband maps are critical to ensuring millions of taxpayer dollars are used effectively to close the digital divide. Without accurate maps, government entities risk spending money where broadband already exists and, in turn, leaving behind unserved households. What is Contributing to the Digital Divide? The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) broadband maps have historically been […]

Providing broadband access

The Three A’s of Broadband

  What is Broadband? Since 2020, there’s been a lot of discussion about, and funding for, broadband. But what exactly is broadband? Simply put, it’s just another word for high-speed internet.   The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) current minimum speed threshold for broadband is 25 Megabytes per second (Mbps) download (how fast you can download something […]

Happy female customer

It’s that time of year again! Capital Credits are being distributed!

Did you know…with HTC, Cooperative membership has its rewards! Since 1979, HTC has refunded $174 million to members in our local communities and this year, the HTC Board of Directors approved a 2023 Capital Credit refund of $7.5 million.  This refund represents a portion of the 2006 and 2021 allocations.  This year’s refunds have already […]

Woman using wifi at a coffee shop

Public Wi-Fi Safety: Surfing the Digital Waves Securely

Ah, the glorious convenience of public Wi-Fi! Whether you’re catching up on work at your favorite coffee shop, relaxing at a hotel on summer vacation or waiting at the airport to return home, it’s hard to resist the allure of free internet access. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are indeed a convenient way to stay connected and […]

Need for Speed

I’ve Got The Need, The Need For Speed!

Have you ever wondered why your car’s speedometer reads 160 mph when that is more than twice the posted speed limit on most highways?  Well according to Toyota spokesman Paul Hogard in a CNN article, the answer is pretty simple.  Automakers want speedometers to be easy to read, so there’s value in placing the typical […]

Hurricane Ahead sign

Five Steps to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Staying informed and connected to family and friends, especially during severe weather or hurricane season is a top priority. It’s important to plan ahead for how your family will handle preparation and evacuation if a major storm threatens our coast. HTC Gets Prepared Before severe storms hit our area, HTC wants you to know that […]

HTC's representatives at the 2023 FRS Youth Tour: Budd Trammell and Sheena Malayaporn

Why Internet Is Important for Rural Areas

While internet today is widely available in Horry, Georgetown and Marion counties, there was a time (not so long ago), where it wasn’t.  As the local internet provider, our members have access to internet and other telecommunication services. However, getting reliable internet service in more rural and less populated areas still poses a challenge, both […]

stack of tvs against a brick wall with streaming platform logos

Streaming 101 – Building Out Your Viewing Options

Let’s review…   If you are new to this series, welcome.  Previously we have talked about what streaming is, and why we shouldn’t fear it in the first blog. Then, we explored how to get started with streaming in the second blog.  In the most recent edition of this series, we discussed many of the […]

Two kids on computer and cellphone

Six Tips to Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

School’s out and the kids are recharging their batteries for another year ahead.  Keeping them occupied and preventing boredom is nothing new; it has always been a challenge. So in this digital age, kids turn to screen time for their entertainment. Since computers and all related electronic devices are here to stay, it’s important for […]

Tier 1

Up to 500
Starting At


  • Stream video on 4K resolution devices
  • Good for multi-player online gaming
  • Multiple devices connected at once


Tier 2

Up to 750
Starting At


  • Buffer-free video streaming
  • Multi-player gaming with no lag
  • Crystal-clear video chat & meetings

Tier 3

Up to 1 GIG     
Starting At


  • Powers multiple smart-home devices
  • Reliably connects home security system
  • Download full HD movies in seconds