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Be alert and ready for hurricane season

Be Alert and Ready for Hurricane Season

Making sure you’re ready for hurricane season should be a top priority if you live in Horry or surrounding counties.

This includes planning ahead for how your family will handle severe weather and what you’ll do if a major storm threatens our area and evacuation orders are put into place. You should have an evacuation plan in place well before severe weather threatens our area, not waiting to put one together when we are in the direct path of a storm. As you put together your plan, it is important to remember area shelters should only be used as a last resort.

In addition, Horry County Emergency Management officials have once again confirmed public shelters will only be available for Category 1 storms or below. Hurricanes which reach Category 2 strength or above will result in the closing of all Horry County shelters. In the event of this happening, those at area shelters will be transported to locations further inland.

Some important phone numbers you should have handy this hurricane season include:

  • Horry County Emergency Management Division – 843-915-5150
  • American Red Cross (shelters) – 8434770020
  • SCDOT (road and traffic conditions) – 1-888-877-9151
  • Re-entry information – 1-866-246-0133

While you’re preparing your home and family, we here at HTC are also taking the necessary precautions to protect our communications equipment and continue to support you with reliable service.

In preparation, team members place sandbags around our retail offices and remote stations to ensure the safety of the equipment used to provide you with high-speed internet, home phone and other vital telecommunication services. We also get our generators prepped and ready to be available in case they are needed.

Learn more by visiting https://www.htcinc.net/severe-weather/.

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