HTC Offers New Internet Speeds

Man testing internet speed

Have You Heard? More Speed, Same Price!

As the fastest, most reliable, local internet service provider in Horry, Georgetown and Marion counties, we’ve made the move to be faster!

Yes, that’s right. Faster.

For those of you who are HTC members, if you haven’t noticed it already, your Cooperative recently upgraded the backend servers to help give faster speeds to you.

Starting speeds for HTC all members have been increased as follows:

  • 300 Mbps is now 500 Mbps
  • 500 Mbps is now 750 Mbps
  • 1 Gig stays the same (and is still stupendously fast!)

How were we able to do this?

At HTC, we are always keeping a watchful eye on network capacity and working to stay ahead of the curve.  When it comes to our Core Network, we have certain thresholds, and once those thresholds are crossed, we have the ability to install additional capacity to support faster speeds.

But wait…there’s more.

 Members, there is NO PRICE CHANGE to get these faster speeds.

In addition, there’s nothing you need to do with your HTC-supplied equipment. The change has been automatic for you.

While conservative as a Cooperative, the forward-thinking leadership of HTC over the decades means our network is constantly being upgraded.  Because of these upgrades that have been put in place, we are able to increase the Internet speed to members without increasing the cost.

To learn more about HTC Internet, including if you want to up your speed even more, visit or call 843-365-2154.

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Tier 1

Up to 500
Starting At


  • Stream video on 4K resolution devices
  • Good for multi-player online gaming
  • Multiple devices connected at once


Tier 2

Up to 750
Starting At


  • Buffer-free video streaming
  • Multi-player gaming with no lag
  • Crystal-clear video chat & meetings

Tier 3

Up to 1 GIG     
Starting At


  • Powers multiple smart-home devices
  • Reliably connects home security system
  • Download full HD movies in seconds