The Truth About Data Caps and 5G

We live in a wonderful age of technology.  Seemingly every day there is some innovation that makes our lives easier.  At HTC, we are often being asked about new technologies and we love getting the questions.  We often need to step back and clarify some of the not-so-new questions as well.  

In modern day electronic messaging, whether it be email or text, it has become customary (not necessarily polite) to use ALL CAPS when raising your voice, are excited or trying to get your point across.  We get it. You’ve got something to say.  Well, here at HTC we have something to say and I’m going to do it as politely as I can without yelling too much.  WE HAVE NO DATA CAPS!  NONE!  Okay, part of me is excited and the other part raised my voice for those in the back of the room. 

Although many wireless, and wireless home Internet companies have data caps and will ‘throttle’ your download speeds after you hit their magical limit, HTC does not.  So go ahead and use your data. Scroll, stream, shop all you want because there are no data caps with HTC.  One more time for the folks in back.  HTC HAS NO DATA CAPS!

When is 5G not 5G? 

This is a very commonly misunderstood topic among tech devices that is easier to remember than you may think.  There are two different types of 5G in your life and they are unrelated to one another.

5G cellular service.  This stands for Fifth Generation cellular for mobile networks.  You may remember the promise of 4G and 4G LTE when they came out.  This just happens to be the latest cell technology.  It offers greater data speed than previous generations.  Since we often use our cell phones for social media, research or watching cat videos more than actually making phone calls, this is a good thing.

5G Wi-Fi.  This is 5 Gigahertz (GHz) frequency on your router that deploys the Wi-Fi signal in your home.  This is often matched with 2.4GHz on the same equipment.  Let’s look at the difference, as it boils down to range and penetration vs. data rates and speed.

  • 5G – speed for data, streaming with less interference. Great for streaming and gaming.
  • 2.4G – not as fast as 5G but has a longer range and better penetration than 5G. Think your video doorbell, the Wi-Fi printer in the other room and the thermostat.

HTC Smart Wi-Fi offers you the best of both worlds.  Included with your HTC Internet connection, our Smart Wi-Fi automatically toggles and distributes your Wi-Fi to the devices in need and assigns them the correct bandwidth allocation. 

So, what does this all mean to me?  Good question, the bottom line is this.

Go ahead and get excited, because HTC Home Internet has no data caps so that you can stream, competitively game, and watch all the cat videos you want without the fear of hitting your limit.  And remember, with HTC Smart Wi-Fi, you’ll automatically have the bandwidth correctly allocated to all the above and more!  

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