Don’t forget what you’re leaving behind if you evacuate

Surge protector
Most surge protectors cannot protect against a lightning strike. Be sure to unplug as many devices as possible before leaving your home.

You’ve undoubtedly made all your preparations to evacuate for Hurricane Florence, but don’t forget about the items you don’t take with you.

Water and lightning pose extreme risks to your electronic equipment and appliances during inclement weather.

Here are some simple tips to ensure you’ve done everything you can to protect your home before evacuating:

Unplug all your electronic devices you possibly can. Lightning strikes can cause surges in your lines that can destroy your equipment. Items like TVs, Set-Top Boxes, Smart Devices and Cell Phones on a charger should all be unplugged during a storm.

Backup your computer content. If you don’t want to trust that merely unplugging your computer can protect it from surges, be sure to backup your content. This data could prove pivotal during recovery from the storm.

Ask an expert. If ANY of your electrical appliances, outlets or equipment gets wet during a storm, do not turn it on until it’s been checked by a qualified service technician. That includes your washer and dryer, as laundry rooms are sometimes prone to flooding.

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