Four Must-haves for Quality eLearning

The 81 approved reopening plans for South Carolina school districts all include a virtual learning option. With eLearning front and center as we enter the 2020-2021 school year, access to reliable broadband has never been more important.

Connectivity is what powers your student’s eLearning experience, but there are other elements that can help them succeed as they face these unique learning circumstances. Whether you’ve opted for virtual learning or you want to be prepared in the event distance learning is implemented for the safety of educational professionals and students, be sure to include these four must-have elements for a quality virtual learning experience.

  1. Dedicated work space

Create a space designed for your student to work throughout the day. Clear the area of any distractions and choose a room that allows for silence. A comfortable chair and desk or table that’s clutter-free will help your student focus on the class Zoom meeting, homework assignment, or virtual tutor.

  1. Scheduled breaks

Keep your student on a schedule just as they would at school. With dedicated times for study breaks, lunch, and online social activity, you’ll be able to better monitor their progress.

  1. Reliable internet connection

A strong broadband connection is essential for the many Zoom meetings, research projects, and assignment uploads your student will complete. HTC High-Speed Internet gives your student access to the necessary digital tools to complete their work without disrupting your connection as you work from home or stream entertainment.

  1. Patience

The COVID-19 pandemic has created work, learning, and travel challenges we could have never imagined. As your child participates in online learning, allow time for adjustment. The eLearning experience, even at its best, is entirely new to many students. With your patience and encouragement, they’re sure to make the best of the unprecedented situation.

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