More About Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a security feature offered by many websites, applications and devices that dramatically improves account security. Sometimes MFA is also referred to as Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA. Technically, MFA could refer to a system where there are more than two forms of authentication.

How It Works

If you have MFA setup for a given account (website, application or device), when you log in with your username and password, that account server is going to ask for a second, independent form of authentication before it will actually let you into the system. It’s kind of like when you open a bank account and they ask to see a picture ID and some other form of identification, like your social security card or a passport. It’s much harder to pretend you are someone you’re not when you have to prove who you are in two different ways.

There are several methods for which MFA can be achieved, including:

  • Push
  • Mobile Device Code
  • SMS Code
  • Email Code
  • Physical Token

You can learn more about MFA, and sign-in methods, here.

8 thoughts on “More About Multi-Factor Authentication

    1. This is an added layer of protection for your HTC My Account. We recommend a password manager to store and remember the many passwords we need to protect our online presence. There are a large variety of services, many of them free.

    1. Multi-Factor Authentication is required to verify your identity when contacting HTC about your account. If you prefer not to authenticate through text, email or passcode, your preferred authentication method will default to personal information (provided when service was established).

      Please be sure to keep all contact and personal information current.

  1. I am ALL for this. Anything we can do to protect our information is KEY !! For me, if anyone accesses my account, I want to know about it immediately. MFA is just a reinforced confirmation and a peace of mind that protects me !! We all drive a car and we buckle up. Buckling up is a level of security that protects us and our loved ones. Over and above we ALL have car and health insurance which gives us a peace of mind that if anything happens we have done all we can do to protect ourself as well as our family. So for me, why not have that secondary confirmation that alerts me for an authentication code to access my account, giving me that comfort just as a seatbelt and car insurance does. so therefore, I am all for this.

  2. if this is going to affect my getting into my email i dont want it. i have windows 8 and am not able to upgrade.
    I have already been shut out of two other sites i used because I dont know how to deal with the new updated security and no one to help me. I am a senior and know very little about computers. One of my sites was for my medicines. Cant get into it anymore.

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