Santa brings the devices, we bring the speed

Did you stock up on new electronic gear over Christmas?

Those devices are going to add to the pull on your Wi-Fi, so make sure you have the speed to ensure everything in your home runs smoothly.

HTC provides access up to 1 Gig in some areas, and nearly 500 Mbps in most areas.

To find out how much speed you may need, visit our speed calculator on our website.

2 thoughts on “Santa brings the devices, we bring the speed

  1. We have moved to Conway
    We have android devices with Verizon
    Can we use these devices on your wireless network?
    We do not want to pay again for phones
    If above is no
    What is the cost for new phones
    Our are paid for

    1. Our network is AT&T, but your phones should work on it. Verizon has several towers in the area. If you have HTC services, you can switch to AT&T here at one of our offices and get a discount if you have other services with us.

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