Win Tickets to Brookgreen Gardens Summer Lights Festival

Brookgreen Garden Summer Lights

There’s still time to enjoy the show courtesy of HTC.

For the first time, the Gardens is offering the Brookgreen Summer Lights Festival. The lights are created by Chinese craftsmen in the tradition of famous Chinese Lantern Festivals.

The larger-than-life silk sculptures will feature a variety of native animals, insects and plants. There will also be music, Chinese paper crafts, horoscopes, food truck vendors and much more.

The display, which debuted in May, will run 7 to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday nights through Aug. 18, and have a finale Sunday, Aug. 19.

Watch our Facebook page for a chance to win a family 4-pack of tickets.

46 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Brookgreen Gardens Summer Lights Festival

  1. Brookgreen is like a cool refreshing drink in the summer! Walk in the shade of the live oak trees and relax from the vacation crowd! Make Brookgreen a must visit!

  2. I moved to Myrtle Beach in sept. 3017. I have been to BrookGreen Gardens in the spring. I would love to see the light Festival!!!

  3. My wife has been there many times. I an disabled Vet I have a bad hart so I can’t walk much. I wish they had motorized carts we could rent.

  4. Brookgreen really is “always changing – always amazing” – Love Brookgreen gardens! Winter – night of l000 candles – spring – beautiful flowers emerge – summer – beautiful summer nights series and fall – love the autumn festival! Would be very happy to see the summer lights!

  5. I relocated to the Grand Strand and I am loving it! I have not had the chance to visit Brookgreen Gardens,,, I’d love the chance!!!…I have made some great friends and it would be a nice outing to share!!!

  6. Brookgreen Gardens is a true gem here on the Grand Strand. I moved ere in the March of 2017 and have been to Brookgreen Gardens for Art show, Night of 1000 Candles, and just for walks around the gardens. If you live here or just visiting, it’s a “Most” visit place.

  7. Would love to take our granddaughter there to see the Summer Lights! Brookgreen Gardens is so beautiful. Love the people that work at HTC. They are always so helpful! I have never been to Myrtle Waves. Our granddaughter would love that!

  8. Moved here in January. We understand this is a great place to go. Would love to win the tickets and bring great neighbors who have helped me since my husbands accident.

    1. You might want to call the park. It’s very flat and, as I remember on my trip there, it seems like a walker would be fine.

  9. I would love to win this because it’s been a long time since I visited and I would love to take my boys and let them enjoy it

  10. I’m a newcomer and I’ve heard a lot of great things about Brookgreen Gardens.
    Would love to win tickets to go. Thank you.

  11. Loved the Nights of 1000 Candles! Been once to that.
    Then when family was here took them during day to just
    walk through gardens of all the beautiful flowers 💐 and
    statues. Enjoyed it all. Would love to take granddaughter
    to see Summer Lights.

  12. I would like to see the Summer Lights. I have seen the Nights of a thousand candles many times and loved it. 🙂

  13. Thank you HTC for offering the complimentary tickets to Brookgreen Gardens. My husband is such a lover of the outdoors. His hobby is his yard and flowers. I would love for him to see the beauty that this venue offers. Thank you again for offering this opportunity.

  14. I’m over 80 and not on Facebook. Can’t you offer another way to win tickets for us seniors. I’d love to see the displays at Brookgreen.

  15. My husband and I would love to see the Brookgreen Gardens Summers Light Festival. We have already been there for the drop-dead gorgeous Nights of 1000 Candles, and we have also seen Brookgreen Gardens in all its royal splendor during the other times of the year in order to enjoy the beautiful flowers and statuary. So we’d love to win tickets to the Summers Light Festival!

  16. We would love to see the Brookgreen Gardens Summers Light Festival. We love the Nights of a Thousand Candles and have seen it many times. Would be nice to see one where it is not so cold!

  17. We’ve been to Brookgreen Gardens but never to the winter or summer lights. We’d love to see this! We’re retired so we like FREE tickets.

    Thank you HTC! We love you and all the services we get from you!

  18. Brookgreen Gardens is an oasis of arts and culture…always enjoy going into the sculpture gardens and special events pavillions. Loved Night of 1000 Candles – so well presented. This one is also going to be spectacular.
    Would like the tickets………………The entrance with the peacocks is just a teasing preview to what this event must be like

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