What Our Members Are Saying

"We bundle our home phone, cell phones, cable and home alarm system. We love the service from HTC!"
- Andrea C., Conway
"I've bundled Internet, house phone and cells. I love getting one bill for all my services!"
- Michelle S, Green Sea
"Love my HTC bundle pack. We have High speed internet, cell phones and cable all for one low price. And great team members for questions if I need help!!"
- Tabitha R, Conway
"Love HTC. I bundle security, Internet, and cable. I love the convenience of having an office right down the street from my office to go in and pay my bill or ask any questions I have. "
- Melissa T, Loris
"I'm so glad I chose HTC instead of any of the others. I love HTC, it's a hometown Co-op."
- Patricia J, Surfside Beach
"I bundle cable, internet, wireless, & landline phone. Even got family to switch because it is the best."
- Richard L, Conway
"One bill and save a lot of money by bundling. Cellphones, internet, cable, landline, and security system."
- Kimberly F, Aynor
"Bundled? Check. Pay online? Check. Fabulous customer service? Check, check and check."
- Jeanne S, Murrells Inlet
"The best part about bundling is having one bill! Having one bill for my telephone, cable, internet, and alarm system is awesome!"
- Sherita G, Longs
"We have the bundle internet, cable, wi fi, landline phone. Always get the courteous help. Love HTC!"
- Michael C, Conway
"My favorite part of being an HTC customer is that I'm treated with kindness, courtesy, respect and honesty."
- Renee R, Socastee
"We have cable, Internet and home phone. So great have all bundled together instead of numerous bills. Hubby is super excited about SEC network. Thanks again HTC!!!!"
- Emiley C, Conway
"Great convenience, one bill, great service ... we've bundled, internet, cable and land line phone ... love the patient helpful people when you call with a problem."
- BJ, Myrtle Beach
"We bundle internet and cable - best thing is quick and friendly customer service. "
- Katie P, Conway
"One bill and you're done! I bundle cable, cells & internet!"
- Deb B, Conway
"I love that when I have a question or concern, my wait time is almost always "3 seconds" and that since I bundle, if I have a question about my cell service and my internet, I can get it all done in one phone call (which is what happened just the other day). This momma of 4 doesn't have time to make multiple calls all day long for every service I have!"
- Kathryn R, Myrtle Beach
"The ease of having one bill with one carrier and being able to make one phone call to get questions answered. I have never talked to anyone that was not nice and polite. I never dread calling HTC!! "
- Sherie C, Conway

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