All About Your VPN


Many HTC members are working from home and connecting to their remote offices through a Virtual Private Network, also known as a VPN.

VPNs are designed to keep information private and secure. It does this by encrypting data before sending it across the internet, and when that information is received, it goes through a process to be unencrypted. With most devices that handle VPN connections, this process takes time, resources and is dependent on the connection and network capabilities at your workplace.

The capabilities of your VPN connection really rely on your business, their available bandwidth, their hardware and their policies. If you’re connected to a VPN, all information from your computer is sent over that VPN. Depending on your business, that could include everything from a company email you send, to a Word document that you access and even that adorable puppy video you can’t stop watching. In many cases, every piece of information goes through the VPN, including what you view on the internet.

How Does VPN work?

The encryption taking place through your VPN ensures the traffic going to and from your computer is safe. For example, let’s say you complete a financial report and need to upload it to a shared folder. You connect to the VPN, you access the folder and the upload begins.

The financial report begins its journey to the shared folder by first being encrypted. Next, it is sent out to the internet making its way to your company.

When it arrives at your company, the file is then unencrypted and sent to the server at your office to be stored. If you’re multi-tasking, like so many of us do now, you’re probably simultaneously sending an email, checking your time clock, chatting with your team and setting a calendar reminder. All of that is going through the same encryption process.

How a VPN works

A VPN keeps your information, and your business, safe, but it can take a little extra time in relay to ensure that security. Seeing a dip in your internet speed while connected to a VPN is totally normal. Your data is essentially running an internet marathon with ten-pound weights, doing a lot of extra work and heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Does VPN Affect Internet Speed?

As an HTC member, your internet service will remain fast and consistent but may be affected by the additional resources required within your company’s VPN. If your VPN connection is really suffering, or preventing you from uploading or downloading work as needed, you can try reaching out to your company’s IT or Help Desk support team. Another option might be to disconnect from the VPN until you are ready to send data back and forth between your home and your workplace.

The best way to know if you’re experiencing an internet connectivity issue or VPN issue is to test your speeds on and off the VPN connection. Our HTC Tech Support team is here for you in case there happens to be an HTC service issue. You can reach us 365/24/7 at 843-365-2186 or by submitting a ticket on our support site.

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